Research & Analysis


Formulation of sensible policy and business regulations require that the problems first be identified and analyzed. Such identification and analysis involve comprehensive and precise research. PAC is ready and well equipped in identifying and analyzing all sort of issues, testing the assumptions through inductive and deductive reasoning or thinking, and applying root-cause analysis. PAC goal is not just to identify what the issues are, but to enable decisionmakers address the true root cause of problems. PAC delivers a comprehensive analysis of legislations and their implications on citizens, businesses, and the overall global competitiveness. 

Corporate Compliance


Organizations or businesses are required to comply with the increasing federal, state and local laws and regulations. An organization or business could face thousands of dollars in lawsuit or fines for failure to comply with these laws and regulations. Organizations or businesses must comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEOA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), etc.  We provide expertise needed in complying with these laws and regulations and in avoiding lawsuits or fines for noncompliance. Decisionmakers can now focus on what matters--running their organization or business.

Strategic Planning


PAC provides tailored analysis of strategic planning through qualitative and quantitative analysis designed to lead to maximum effectiveness and efficiency. PAC assists in the identification and definition of goals, assessment of strengths and weaknesses, alternative options, projected outcomes, financial and human resources needed to accomplish goal(s). PAC identifies and analyzes critical issues in planning and delivers improvement opportunities and procedures in addressing critical issues. PAC is also able to analyze any potential political, economic, social, and legal issues to the organization's strategic plan.

Regulatory & Policy Reform


PAC as an advocate for sensible public policy and business regulations is engaged in enabling regulatory and policy reform that improves regulatory efficiency, performance enhancement, cost-effectiveness, and desired outcomes. PAC provides expert and superb advisory services needed for regulatory and policy reform with respect to workplace safety and public well-being. PAC provides unparalleled strategic thinking and practical approach to problem solving, economic efficiency, deregulations and sensible oversight.

Program Development, Implementation & Evaluation


PAC helps public and private organizations in program development, implementation and evaluation processes. PAC achieves these processes through improved accountability, transparency and continuous quality improvement. PAC employs collaborative relationships with governments and businesses in providing the necessary tools to plan effectively, implementing plans based on sound and tested principles, and evaluating outcomes based on a continuous quality improvement system. 

Leadership & Conflict Resolution


PAC provides professional leadership and conflict resolution programs designed to sharpen skills and improve managerial performance. PAC delivers proven results evidenced by enhanced employees’ performance and productivity at the workplace. PAC provides conflict resolution program that synchronizes organizational goals with employees’ interests. We offer complete and unparalleled training aimed at increasing understanding, improved working relations and overall productivity in the workplace.